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Carry Methods

Yorkshire Terrier Carry Methods


One of the great things about having a toy sized breed is that there's often no hassle to carrying your dog. However, there's lot of reasons why life will be both easier and more enjoyable if you employ a carry method for certain times. There's lot of great options, depending on the activities that you normally do and for any special circumstances. 

Let's take a look at this and see if having a carrier method for your Yorkie is something that you may find beneficial. 

The Benefits of Having a Carrier

We'll look into specialty carriers in a bit, but for now let's take a look at the 3 main reasons why having a bag, tote, sling or stroller and make life better for both you and your Yorkie:

1) Resolves the issue of limited walking. The Yorkshire Terrier breed is a very alert, active dog, and for being so tiny he certainly has a lot of energy. However, with small legs carry a small body, a Yorkie can only walk so far. While this breed does indeed require daily exercise for optimal health, he can only be expected to walk so much... and trying to push him more than that can be detrimental to his health. 

This limited range can hamper you, and maybe you don't even realize it.

Perhaps long walks that you might otherwise take are cut back or canceled. You might have even left your Yorkie home for some events that you knew would involve too much walking. 

This can easily be resolved when you have the right carry bag for your Yorkie, you can transfer him to it once he's tuckered out or have him in it to begin with so that the day can be enjoyed at your own pace. He'll be happy right by your side. 

2) Preventing floor level risks. It's really a great thing to take a Yorkie out to different areas; when done in gradual steps it is a very effective method to socializing a dog to all sorts of sights, sounds and people. However, there are lots of times when being down on the ground is not a safe place for such a tiny dog.

Being surrounded by fast moving foot traffic can not only be intimidating to a dog, but of course it also presents dangers of being stepped on or tripped over.

However, if you choose a comfortable carry method for your Yorkie, you can bring him to all kinds of places (busy malls, outdoor flea markets or festivals, etc.) and if the crowds start to get big or fast moving, you can slip him right into his bag. He'll still be able to look around and be right near you, but up high where he's safe.

3) Be able to spend more time together. How many times were you leaving the house to go somewhere and wishing that you could just hide your Yorkie in your pocketbook (or if your a male, your gym bag)? But instead, he had to stay home and you headed off to run errands?

The biggest obstacle is whether or not a certain place is pet-friendly. However, stores without a clear sign or even those that don't like to have big dogs inside will not say one word if a small toy dog is nestled in a sling bag. Many times, a Yorkie won't be noticed and if he is, chances are it will be someone telling you how adorable he is. 

Any time that you can bring your Yorkie along somewhere instead of leaving him home alone is a win. And a bag will allow you to do that. Just not, of course, to work. *** Note: Bring Your Pet To Work Day is celebrated every year on the Friday following Father's Day, so this may be the one exception and why not speak to your boss about it? 

And, being out and about with your Yorkie in a tote, brings us to #4:

4) Hands-free holding. While most Yorkshire Terriers certainly can be carried at ease in regard to weight, this does not resolve the issue of multi-tasking. Trying to hold your dog in one hand while using your other for something certainly is not ideal for outings. 

So, with the right type of bag for your Yorkie, you can have both hands free to do whatever tasks are needed, all while still 'holding' him right by your side. 

Types of Carry Bags for Yorkshire Terriers

Now that we've gone over the many benefits of using some sort of carry method, let's look at the options to see which one may be right for you and your Yorkie. 

Sling Bags

What these are:These are, by far, one of our favorite picks. Sling bags are made of soft materials and are designed to hang close to your body. The safe way to wear this is to put the shoulder strap over your head to wear criss cross along your body.

With a deep main pocket, a puppy or dog nestles safely inside and is fully able to have their head poking out so that they can see what's going on. A word of caution: When you are walking with your Yorkie in a sling bag, don't be surprised if he finds the motion to be lulling and ends up taking a nap. 

What to look for: Look for a deep pocket sling in a soft, washable fabric. If your fashion conscious, you may want to opt for a reversible bag that offers two different colors in one or choose a neutral shade that matches with everything. Of course, look for durable stitching and quality manufacturing so that this stands up to the test of time without any rips or fraying. 

If your Yorkie tends to be very hyper and you feel that he might try to jump out of a sling bag, choose an option that has an adjustable zipper closure for full control over how much of his body is securely inside (his head will always be out).

Recommended sling bags, perfect for Yorkies:

Carrier Bags

What these are: These are a more structured option and can be seen as the canine equivalent to a baby carrier. Some are made of a thick material and others are constructed with a lightweight metal framework. 

These can be worn over the back (not recommended) or on your front (recommended).  Most, but not all, models will have leg holes, just like baby packs. 

A tote like this is recommended if you will be doing a very brisk or more involved sort of walking, including hiking, as these are a more secure method to hold a puppy or dog even if there is a lot of jostling. 

In addition, though most Yorkies are under 10 pounds, if you have a sensitive back or if your Yorkie is a bit on the large side, you may find that this carry bag is best since you can choose a design that has a waist belt that helps to distribute weight. 

What to look for: You'll need to decide if your Yorkie would be more comfortable sitting inside with a secure bottom or having his legs free via the holes. Also, think about if you want your Yorkie to be on your front or your back (some models are reversible and can be used either way). 

Recommended carrier bags, perfect for Yorkies:

Travel Carrier Crates

What these are: These are sometimes referred to as pet luggage totes. These are the types of carriers that are used when bringing a small pet onto an airplane, but may also be used at other times such as if a veterinarian has a rule that dogs (some sometimes just sick dogs) must be crated when brought in to the office, since of course they are a much better option. 

These may be soft or hard structured. Those that are soft can be equated with a large purse or gym bag. Those that are hard are akin to crates.

Note: These are not recommended for every day use, since the puppy or dog has both limited movement and limited vision. Though many models offer mesh patches that a dog can see through, it is still a barrier. 

What to look for: If you will be traveling or there are other circumstances that dictate this sort of carry method, do look for a model that is structured well so that the Yorkie has really good support and has windows that he can look out of. You will want it to be large enough for your Yorkie to be able to turn around. 

And if you are going to be on a long flight or if your dog will be in this for an extended time, you'll want it to also be large enough to hold toys, food and water. 

For airplane travel, it's suggested to opt for one that is airline approved and that is sized for 'under the seat' capability, since pets are stored under the seat that is in front of you. 

Of course, a washable construction is recommended and you'll want both the crate section and handle section to be made of quality, durable materials. 

Recommended carrier bags and crates, perfect for Yorkies:


What these are: Very similar to baby strollers, pet strollers are a carrier method on wheels. Most have a roof that can keep a dog shaded from the sun, which is great for summertime exertions. 

And many models have a zip feature that allows you to zipper up the main compartment as needed. Most will have a folding feature that allows the strollers to be collapsed when not in use for space saving purposes. 

These are really great if you are planning on spending a whole day outside such as at an amusement park or outdoor festival in which expecting a dog to 1) walk the whole time, and 2) stay awake, is just not realistic. 

Canine strollers come in all sorts of designs, from those that are just for standard walks and those that you can use to bring your dog along with you for jogging or running. 

What to look for: An important feature to look for with these is a top rating for a smooth ride since dealing with inferior wheels can be enough to make you pull your hair out. You'll definitely want a cabin area that can fit a small blanket, toys and treats. And, you may want to look into a stroller that has the ability to be a complete enclosure, which is great for keeping out bugs, to secure a dog inside, etc.  

Recommended strollers, perfect for Yorkies:
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