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The 6 Best Types of Toys for a Yorkshire Terrier


If you think of dog toys as being tools, you'll find that having the right ones can make a world of difference. And you don't need a lot. In fact, having too many toys allows the good ones to be lost in the mix.

Here, we'll look at the 6 types of toys that every Yorkie puppy and dog should have, how these will help, and recommendations for the very best ones. 

#1 Teething Toys for Yorkie Puppies

You will find that if you have the right toys for your teething Yorkie and use them in the right way, that you can avoid many of the troubles that owners typically experience. 

Yorkshire Terriers start teething around the 3 to 4 month mark, and this will finally end around the 7 to 9 month mark. During this time, there will be phases of intense itching and varying levels of discomfort. When a puppy is in the throes of teething, urges to soothe those oral sensations is very strong.

A pup will mouth just about anything to find out if it helps and teething toys will be ignored if they do not meet a pup's needs. 

Teething toys should:
  • Be properly sized. If the toy is too large and a puppy cannot easily manipulate it into the mouth, it's of little use. 
  • Have the right consistency. It must be flexible and have just the right amount of give when jaws clamp down.
  • Have a satisfying texture. This is key. There are 2 main textures that work great. One is nubs; these are tiny bumps that work well in 'scratching' teething itches. The other are rope toys (not easy to find for tiny toy breeds) since twisted fabric is fantastic for itchy gums as well. 
Rope toys are also wonderful for adding a cooling sensation. Wet one down, freeze it, and then offer it for a toy that helps with swelling and discomfort. 
  • Be versatile - The area in the mouth that is giving a puppy trouble can move minute by minute. And the feeling can change from itchy to pain in the blink of an eye. So, you'll want some toys that have options, and differently shaped parts that can be worked into just the right spot to soothe whatever woe may be happening at one time. 
Use these by:
  • Proofing the house so that your pup has very little access to non-toy items.
  • Keep your Yorkie in a playpen when you cannot supervise.
  • Interrupt any unwanted chewing with a firm 'No' and a hand clap, or use a behavioral device that emits a short hiss like the.
  • Once you have your Yorkie's attention, offer an effective teething toy and give praise when he mouths it. 
Favorites include:
(See images below)
Nylabone petite teething toys - These are sized perfect for tiny Yorkie pups and there's some great options. The teething bone and the pacifier has the little nubs that we talked about and is greatly appreciated for its scratching ability. 

And the 'key chain' toys has these awesome textured 'keys' that is perfect for allowing a teething pup to work it into just the right spot. 

Mini ropes by Activpet - It's hard to find rope toys tiny enough for a Yorkshire Terrier pup, but these are great. Use the small rope ball and the encourage chewing on ends of the two frayed ropes. Save the bounded rope toy for when your Yorkie is older. Be sure to try the tip of wetting and freezing these. 
Below are our top recommended teething toys for Yorkie puppies. If you do not see the images, try a refresh. And on mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all 4. 

#2 Chew Toys for Yorkies of All Ages

These types of toys are different than teething toys in the fact that Yorkies of all ages may enjoy chewing. It is a basic canine pastime and many dogs just love to work their jaws. 

In addition, some Yorkshire Terriers like to chew as a method to relieve stress. And while this can indeed lead to destructive chewing, if you have the right toys and take a few steps, this sort of coping mechanism can be directed in a healthy way. 

The qualities of the best chew toys are:
  • Properly sized. As with so many aspects of owning the smallest of toy sized dogs, chew toys need to be sized small enough for a Yorkie or else frustration will lead to the toys being ignored.
  • Durable. This breed has tiny yet very sharp teeth. So, while the Yorkie is small and the toy needs to match that, it must be sturdy. Some Yorkies are such aggressive chewers, that indestructible chew toys are needed. 
  • Catch and hold a dog's interest. When you're trying to train a Yorkie to chew on his toys and not your shoes, etc. you'll want the toys to really appeal to your dog. A great method for this is via scent and/or taste. 
Use these by:
  • Proofing the house to limit access to non-toy items.
  • Spray chew deterrent on objects that you cannot block access to.
  • Keep your Yorkie in his playpen when you cannot supervise if he chews on household objects.
  • Interrupt any destructive chewing with a firm 'no' and a loud hand clap or use the aforementioned interrupter device. 
  • Once you have your dog's attention, offer one of the chosen toys and lots of praise when it's mouthed.
  • Rotate toys so that your Yorkie always has a 'new' toy. Aside from 1 or 2 favorites, keep two bins and switch these every week or so
Favorites include:

(See images below)

Nylabones - Be sure to choose size 'petite' and you'll find that these flavored toys are well-received. There's all sorts of options, but original and bacon seem to be the top winners. 

Westpaw makes some great mini chew toys for strong chewers and these are guaranteed to stand up to damage.

And, the newest one that we've found is a really need chew made by PetQuerks that is perfect for Yorkies that really need encouragement; it holds any spreadable food (use all-natural, smooth peanut butter or 100% real pumpkin). Tiny holes allow the taste to come through and this can keep a Yorkie happy for quite a while. 
These recommended chew toys are below. If you do not see the images, try a refresh. And on mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all 4. 

#3 Treat Dispensing Toys for Yorkies Home Alone

Toys that release treats are so wonderful for Yorkies that spend a portion of the day home alone. And there are two reasons for this:

1) It is a great way to offer a mid-day meal. 

2) It keeps a puppy or dog busy, which is a huge part of helping with separation anxiety. 
Treat-release toys for Yorkies should be:
  • Properly sized. This is a huge element when it comes to this type of toy. Most are designed for much larger dogs. Fortunately, there are a few that are great for this breed. 
  • Adjustable. Every dog is different, and the ability to maneuver food out of the toy will change as dog get accustomed to the toy and becomes better skilled. So, having at least one that lets you control the difficult level is a good idea.
  • Durable. As with any toy, it is of little value if it only lasts a few weeks. 
  • Easy to clean. Since the idea with these is to fill them up with kibble (more ahead), you'll want it to be easy to clean after use. 
Use these by:
  • Filling the toy with your Yorkie's normal kibble or small dry crunchy training treats.  
If you want the toy to keep your Yorkie busy for a longer time, and not just serve as the means to offer a meal, mix the kibble or treats with smooth, all-natural peanut butter. The more peanut butter you add, the longer it will take for your Yorkie to eat what's inside the toy. 
Favorites include:

(See images below)

Busy Buddy barnacle toy in size extra-small is perfect for Yorkies under 10 lbs. (puppies and adults) due to its 3 spheres of varying sizes. You can place small training treats inside like, or use kibble.

PetSafe's Twist n Treat is a great option for Yorkies over 4 lbs. This is an adjustable with a simple twist to make it wider or more narrow. 

PetSafe's Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude Toy - This company does excellent in offering choices for tiny breeds, and this squirrel is another great toy. This is a good choice if you want your Yorkie to have a bigger challenge then the barnacle or twist toy. 

And if you're looking for treats for these toys, Wellness Crunchy training treats for puppies are sized perfect for Yorkies of all ages, and these are 100% all natural and made in the USA. 
These recommended treat-release toys are below. If you do not see the images, try a refresh. And on mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all 4. 

#4 'Stay Busy' Toys

Toys that draw a dog in and keep him busy are invaluable. And these are an important part of a Yorkie's toy collection for two reasons:

1) To keep a Yorkie happy when home alone. Just like you use treat-release toys to help keep your dog busy when you're away, toys that entertain him can help quite a bit as well. 

2) To keep a Yorkie occupied when you are home but are doing other things. Nothing quite speaks to an owner's guilt like the look of a puppy or dog when you're busy and cannot play one-on-one with your canine family member. Fortunately, the right toys can offer your Yorkie lots of fun and leave you guilt-free (as long as you offer interaction once you have time). 
'Stay busy' toys need to:
  • Grab a dog's attention...
  • And keep a dog focused and occupied. Some of the best methods for accomplishing this are sounds. When a toy speaks to a dog, particularly when after being nosed or touched, this can be extraordinarily fun and immersive for a dog. 
Use these by:
  • All you need to do is reserve these toys for when your Yorkie is going to be alone in the house. 
It is recommended, as always, to keep your Yorkie in a playpen so that all of his necessities, including his toys, stay within reach.
Favorites include:

(See images below)
The Babble balls - These are really awesome and there's two great ones in size small. The talking babble ball speaks in human voices and has 20+ phrases like 'Yeah, baby!' and 'Hot diggity dog!'. 

And the animal sounds one have 20+ different animal noises including frogs, sheep, pigs, birds, rooster, elephants, and more.

Look Who's Talking - This line of toys are so great; there is a wide variety of quality stuffed animals that make sounds. There's a parrot, monkey, cow, pig, lobster, duck, and more. These some in different sizes, with the duck being one of the smallest at 5 inches, and the rooster is also one of the smaller ones. 
These recommended 'stay busy' toys are below. If you do not see the images, try a refresh. And on mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all 4. 

#5 Toys for You to Play with Your Yorkie

While most toys are intended for puppies and dog to use when they are not busy with their owner, this does not mean that toys to play with your Yorkie should be overlooked. Yorkshire Terriers just soak in attention, and playing with fetch or other games is a wonderful way to create and maintain a strong bond. 

Favorites include:

(See images below)

Kong's Squeakair Tennis Balls - Tennis balls are the quintessential fetch toy, but when you have a tiny breed like the Yorkie, normal tennis balls will not do. These, however, come in size extra-small. This is a 3-pack, which is great, because there's no way that at least one will not be lost!

Wubba - This fun, colorful fetch toy is great for adult Yorkies. Its tail make it an appealing object to chase after. The sturdy fabric covers 2 types of balls, a tennis ball which makes for easy tossing and a squeaker ball which makes it fun for a dog to mouth once he's chased after it. 

Outward Hound's Mini - This fun puzzle game is a great way to spend time with your Yorkie, while teaching your dog to sniff out treats. Dogs love to engage their canine senses. 

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel is a fun toy that's all soft fabric. Choose the 'junior' that has 3 squirrel's. You hide 'em and your Yorkie finds them. 
Our top recommended toys to play together with your Yorkie are below. If you do not see the images, try a refresh. And on mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all 4. 

#6 Companion Toys for Yorkies that Stay Home Alone

There are many things that you can do to help a Yorkie that suffers from separation anxiety. This includes the treat-dispensing and 'stay busy' toys that we already discussed.

In addition, you can experience with a window vs non-window view, play music especially designed to keep dogs calm, do not display typical signals that you are readying to leave, do not head straight over for hugs and kisses when you get home, and keep your Yorkie in a nice playpen which helps foster feelings of safety and security via a 'den'. 

Additionally, there are two other elements that can help a great deal:

1- Companion toys that mimic living creatures.

2- Interactive webcams that allow you to see, hear, and play with your dog from far away. Granted, this is not a dog toy, but rather a toy for you!  
Companion toys - For this, there is no competition. The line of Smart Pets are simply the best (see images below). 

These are good sized, quality stuffed animals (pink, blue, and a variety of realistic dog colors) that emit a rhythmic heartbeat. This alone is very comforting to a dog that feels isolated. In addition, there is an option for the toy to send out a comforting warmth. These two factors make this as close as you can get to offering your Yorkie a live companion without actually bringing another dog home.

Both the hearts and warming elements can be bought as replacement parts separately, so this toy can last essentially forever. 

Interactive pet webcams - Please note that these are pricey, and therefore should not be considered a 'must' for those on a budget. And after all, aren't most of us watching our wallets? This said, these are quite amazing.

The one that we recommend by Furbo (below), is as close as you can get to being right there in the room with your dog. It allows you to see your Yorkie, and there is 2-way audio. You hear him, and he hears you. 

This syncs to your phone, and with just a tap on your screen, it shoots out a treat! 
Below are these recommended Smart Pet toys and the fantastic pet cam that sends out treats. If you do not see the images, try a refresh. And on mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all 4. 
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