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Yorkshire Terrier Beds

Plus Steps and Ramps


Maybe your Yorkie loves resting on the sofa or has a favorite spot on the floor in the sun. And maybe he even sleeps with you at night. However, if he does not have his own bed or you're finding that his current bed is not up to par, this section will go over why having a bed for your Yorkie is a good idea. And we will cover what to look for when searching for the best beds. 

The Benefits of Having a Canine Bed for Your Yorkie

1) Proper surface for resting and sleeping. You may not think that such a tiny dog needs much under him when he's resting; after all, he's under 10 pounds, how much cushioning does he need? The answer is, relatively speaking, just about the same as you need.  

Most importantly, a dog should have a mattress under him that molds to the body in response to heat and pressure, to distribute weight evenly. 

There is nothing anatomically different
about today's canine family member
that makes it any healthier to sleep on the floor
than it is for a human

There are two main issues that can happen if a Yorkie lies mainly on a floor:

1) Contact point damage. Hard, un-cushioned surfaces will begin to put wear on the points of his body that are supporting his weight (and again, this is all relative). This is mainly seen on the elbows; however, this may vary depending on a Yorkie's resting and sleeping position. 

Hair begins to thin out, this then makes the skin sensitive, hair therefore has trouble growing back in and it becomes a vicious cycle. 

2) Long term skeletal / muscular / joint damage. Even if a Yorkie seems to be super comfortable on the floor or with a blanket under him, lots of things are happening that can accumulate and only manifest years later. 

Knees, back, hips.... these are areas on a Yorkshire Terrier's body that are vulnerable to worn down cartilage. Without a proper support mattress under him, these sorts of issues can be exacerbated. Did you know that 20% of middle aged dogs and a whopping 90% of senior dogs have osteoarthritis in at least one joint? 

Sadly, it is often only after a diagnosis of arthritis that owners offer a proper bed. So, the time to start helping to prevent these issues is now. 

With seniors, this is a 'must'

As mentioned, 90% of senior dogs have some level of osteoarthritis. This can cause trouble with rising from a down position, not being able to walk as far and at the pace as their younger counterparts and discomfort that can worsen at night and during weather changes. 

While certain medications may be prescribed by your vet and some supplements such as glucosamine may work to ease joint pain, an orthopedic bed plays a huge role in offering a sore body some relief. 

2) Security. If your Yorkie is spending some time home alone and has some separation anxiety, a big part of helping him be okay during that time is to have the right set up for him. This includes having the right indoor canine playpen for your Yorkie and within that area, having the right bed.

So, even if your Yorkie is right on your lap when you relax after a long day and even if he sleeps in your bed at night (not always recommended, but can be okay in some instances), he needs a quality bed to rest on during the day.

And by providing this, you are also giving him the added bonus of safety. Many dogs gain a sense of security when they feel that they are within a 'den'. A thick mattress or bolstered bed will fill this need. 

3) Proper hierarchy. Though this is not applicable to all, if your Yorkshire Terrier is having issues such as not listening, marking in the house or even growling at you, one relevant and possible cause is a misunderstanding of proper hierarchy. 

Any work that you may have done to establish this can be thrown out the window if the misbehaving dog is then allowed in his human's bed. So, for this reason, should you be experiencing issues with your Yorkie, he should have his own bed and sleeping area. 

Recommended Beds for a Yorkshire Terrier

There are lots of beds out there and the last thing that you want to do is have your Yorkie become attached to an inferior one. So, here we will take a look at the options that are best for this breed, including some specialty beds.

Please note that if your Yorkie already has a bed and you know that it's not a good one, do not hesitate to make a change. It may take up to two weeks for a dog to feel completely comfortable with a new bed; however, this transition time is more than worth it to be able to offer your Yorkie what he truly needs for optimal comfort and health. 

Bolster Beds

What these are: Bolster beds have a thick cushioned bottom and filled, raised pillows for the sides. Most are three-sided, allowing for a dog to enter from one area, though there are some that have a bolster on just one of the four sides. 

Recommended for: 
  • These are the best beds for Yorkshire Terrier puppies, as it offers a great sense of security and out of all of the possible styles will provide the most warmth.
  • Yorkies of any age that spend quite a bit of time home alone, as these beds offer that feeling of protection that we touched on earlier.
  • For seniors. While each dog does have his own unique taste, many seniors like to have at least one bolster edge, low rise bolster or full bolsters, again to offer security. This is because seniors tend to have some level of hearing and/or vision loss and the right bed can help them feel safe. 
What to look for: You'll want a washable bed; this can be either one that can be placed into the washer or that has a removable cover. Look for a bed that has firm bolster siding. And for adults and seniors, you'll want to opt for a bed that has memory foam. 

Recommended bolster beds, best for the majority of Yorkshire Terriers


What these are: A canine mattress bed, also known as a flat bed, is often sized a bit larger than a bolster bed, tends to be more rectangle in shape (rather than circular) and either is designed with no side pillows or has just one. 

Recommended for: These are best for Yorkies that truly love to lie on the floor. Some dogs just do, even if it is not ultimately what is best for them. With these, there is generally little to no resistance to make the switch from floor to mattress, mostly due to their low profile and unobstructed view. 

What to look for: Most of these sorts of low mattress styled canine beds are crafted with memory foam, but if your Yorkie is 6 years or older, do be sure that it has this for a base. And like other beds, look for a washable or cover washable material.

In regard to choosing the fully flat bed or one with a pillow side, this is really just a matter of taste. Some dogs like to cuddle up against the pillowed side or head their head on it. The non-pillowed bed will, of course, no barrier for dogs that like to see all around them and not have any obstructions in the way. 

Recommended flat canine mattress beds, perfect for Yorkies that insist on being on the floor:

Specialty Beds & Ramps

What these are: These offer an extra something above and beyond a typical canine bed. With some, it just comes down to style, such as those that are designed to look like miniature sofas. With others, the difference will be height, essentially giving a dog his own perch and lookout point. 

In this section, we are also including bed ramps and steps, which are really fantastic for creating a walkway for a tiny dog to reach a large human bed. 

Recommended  for: 

With specialty beds that look like small sofas, this is really just a matter of your own taste and perhaps spoiling your Yorkie just a bit.

However, with perch beds, these are great for Yorkies that like to sleep at the same level as their owners. Quite a few times, owners have emailed to us asking how to transition their Yorkie from sleeping in their owner's bed to their own. And this is a great solution for that.

In addition, some dogs love to have a lookout spot, where they can easily take a look out of a window to check out what's happening in the neighborhood. 

For ramps and steps, these are perfect for the Yorkshire Terrier, a tiny breed that certainly can't jump up there on his own and of course, are only for those who want their dog to reach their bed. 

Really cute specialty bed & helpful ramps and steps:
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